Installing the wordpress plugin

The easiest way to install Everfund into WordPress website is by downloading the plug-in in the WordPress plug-in store or download it directly from wordpress here as it is version controlled and can always be updated automatically through WordPress plug-in system.

Step 1

Go to the Plugins Page and click Add New Install Now

Step 2

  1. Search For the word "everfund", Everfund Donatin Widget Should appear in the search results
  2. Click Install Now


Step 3

  1. Active the Everfund plugin
  2. Optional - Chose to enable auto updates to the Everfund widget


Step 4

Now that the widget is installed you see a new sidebar item has been added to donations this is just a quick way to quickly go to the witches and the donations on the dashboard Haverford has been fully set up and the script has been injected onto every single page.


Using the Gutenburg Editor to add in a donate button

The Guttenberg editor is the latest editor that is now activated by default on every WordPress website. You can use the default button block to create a donation button for Everfund and follow the steps to find out how

Step 1

Create a donation button and then click edit as HTML

Create a button in the editor

Step 2

Add the custom anchor of data-ef-model to the a tag


<div class="wp-block-button">
    <a class="wp-block-button__Link"data-ef-modal="rjww">
        Donate Now

Adding the custom data-anchor

Step 3

On confirmation the editor it will believe that the block is invalid or unexpected content and will give you an option to attempt to recover the block. Do not attempt to recover the block. Just click save and then go to the website and you'll see that the donation button looks normal and when clicked it will open up the Everfund donation widget

Attempt to recover block

Using the widget outside the WP editor

Instead of using the WordPress editor you can hard code the data-ef-modal anchor onto any element anywhere on the website using the Donation button or model.