Getting Started with Everfund

This page will help you get started with Everfund. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!

Everfund is the high performance, multi-channel donation tool for charities to provide their donors the fastest and best donor experience on their websites using Everfund's Dontion Widget and increase the reach of their donation campaigns outside of their websites using Everfund's Donation Links.


Out of the box, Everfund gives the charities all the tools they need to get started with a no-code donation system using short URLS, QR codes and website donation portals.

This developer documentation enables charities looking for deeper use cases of Everfund that integrate with their existing systems to enable external events to trigger including the likes of CRM integrations, email events, Gift Aid submission etc on success of a new donation.

Why use Everfund?

We remove all the complexities a developer will ever need to consider when implementing a donation system for a charity.

We've spent a huge amount of development time, along with testing with charities of all sizes and focusing on the core principles of what make successful donations happen to come to what Everfund is today to make the donor, charity and developer experience frictionless.

Here's some of the main things we enable;

  • Optimised donation flow to handle high converting donations everytime.
  • Smart Gift Aid capture.
  • GDPR, marketing consent and privacy sorted.
  • Security handled.
  • Customisable donation experiences.

With Everfund, the simplist to set up a charity with a website donation system in a few very simple steps;

  1. The charity signs up to Everfund and creates an account with us
  2. The charity then creates donation page(s) which generates a short link
  3. You install the Donation Widget with the short link on their website (normally on a donate now button)
  4. Done!

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