Build fundraising systems
for nonprofits

Everfund helps you move faster with your good cause projects with everything you need for them to succeed, without building from scratch or using platforms with no developer control.

Vanilla JS
const DonationWidget = () => {
const { openDonationWidget } = useDonationWidget({
code: 'j1q16MvJl5lqfji06bVFKei3HZkW',
return (
onClick={() => openDonationWidget()}
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About Everfund

Everfund is a developer-first donation platform that helps devs easily build dontion experiences for any nonprofit website, made for Jamstack & Modern Web frameworks. Build donations faster with all the components modern nonprofits need without building from scratch on top of platforms like Stripe.

With our component-based SDK in development, Everfund will shortly give developers the ultimate composability for building modern donation systems.


Everfund's mission is to enable developers to quickly build custom donation experiences to fit the needs of any modern nonprofit's requirements with full control of styling, data flow and UI with the complexities of fundraising logic managed for you.